Stock Sales

We often have cattle for sale privately, and our clients are increasingly looking to buy pedigree and commercial sires and females directly. Young bulls and heifers can be viewed at any time. Bulls that are ready to work are almost always available.

We continue to offer both male and female animals for auction at the leading Stirling and Carlisle pedigree sales. Sales updates will be posted periodically.

We have a group of home-bred commercial heifers available for sale most summers. These animals are reared with the same focus on health status as our pedigrees, and in particular, are Johne’s risk level one.

Anyone interested in these animals is most welcome to view them alongside our broader commercial system. We take pride in our low-input commercial cows which are bred from Chapelton Shorthorn and Angus genetics. We have been developing and refining this system for over fifteen years.

Interest in any Chapelton breeding stock is welcomed at any time.

View our current stock for sale.

For Sale