On-farm Sales – 2018-born Bull Calves

In 2017 we sold more young bulls on-farm than ever before. This included several bull calves that were sold before reaching their first birthday.

The trend towards this has been driven by our customers’ focus on health status, their desire to see animals free from any show or sale preparation, and the opportunity to see their sires and dams in their natural environment.

If you wish to view our cohort of 2018-born Shorthorn or Angus bull calves, this can be arranged by appointment with Donald. Enquiries for pedigree or commercial heifers are also welcomed.

Please feel free to contact him by telephone on 07860 325 888, or by email at: djbiggar@aol.com

Further details of the bull-calves can be found here:

Shorthorn Bull Calves

Angus Bull Calves