Shorthorn Bull

2020-born Shorthorn and Angus Bulls

We have 15 Shorthorn bulls and 12 Angus bulls available for sale. They were born in Spring 2020 and will be fit to serve 15-20 cows this summer. You can find details of these in the tables below and can arrange a viewing with James here.

We will semen test and vet inspect all of the bulls prior to sale. We offer free delivery to suit in Dumfries and Galloway, and all Chapelton animals are sold with our full backup and support.

The bulls reflect our wider breeding philosophy which uses data collected at calving, throughout the year, and at slaughter to identify the best performing animals in the herd. We cull any cows showing temperament concerns at weaning.

We combine traditional visual appraisal for structure and type with our data analysis in all our breeding decisions. Because of this, we retain only the most profitable females each year.

This drives the development of our herds. As a result, our bull customers benefit from a system which focuses on fertility, reduced input at calving and has a zero tolerance policy on temperament.

In addition to this, we measure the efficiency and productivity of every cow in our Angus and Shorthorn commercial and pedigree herds annually. We calculate this through both our suckler and finishing enterprises. Both of these are focussed on production from grass.

Please get in touch if you wish to view the animals and our system or philosophy at work.

We take all coronavirus precautions for any visits.

View the Shorthorn list in full here, and the Angus list in full here.